Oiler machine

Oiler machine

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1.1.1 maximum oiling width: 1400mm;

1.1.2 production rate of unit: 30-200m/min;

1.1.3 oiling quantity: single oil weight range of 0.3 ~ 2.0g/; (more than or equal to the quantity of  oiling the belt speed is lower than 70m/min, 0.3g/m2)

1.1.4 oil quantity regulating mode: continuous adjustable;

1.1.5 oil: can be optionally single-sided or double-sided oiled oiler

1.1.6 power supply: three-phase AC 380 + 10%V, 50 + 2%Hz, the total power is less than 15KW;

1.1.7 high voltage DC working voltage: 50-80Kv

1.1.8 the use of compressed air pressure: 0.4 ~ 0.6MPa; the maximum flow: 60L/min.


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