Aluminum Rolling Mill

Aluminum cold rolling mill

Product Overview:The aluminum cold rolling mill can process the Aluminum coil in thickness of Max.10mm from casters and hot rolling.These processed materials can be offered to produce sheet,strip,can,PS sheet,foil,and precision raw material for further processing.According to the gauge of the coils ,it can be divide into breakdown,cold heavy rolling mill and cold finishing rolling mill.The stand type of it is four-roll irreversible cold rolling mill.

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Process flow of aluminum casting line:

Coil loading car--payoff reel--centering device--pinch roll--entry bridle device --main rolling mill--thickness gauge--hydraulic shear--guiding device --tension reel--wrapper--coil unloading car



Technical parameter:

Material Input Strip Thickness Input Strip Width Output Strip Thickness Output Strip Width Max.Rolling Speed
cast or hot rolled 6.0-10mm 700-2300mm 0.1-2.0mm 650-2250mm 480-1200m/min


Rolling force control,speed control,tension control and compensate

AGC-controlled closed-loop system

Bending of work roller control

Gap closed-loop control

Torque Control

Sectional roll cooling

Automatic center control

Automatic adjustment of rolling pass

Rapid roller exchanging

Automatic coil transport

Fault protection

Oil lubrication



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