Aluminum Rolling Mill

Aluminum casting line

Product Overview:Rolling casting has advantages of lower investment and operating coats, makes it feasible to install small to super sized units for production of soft to medium hard alloys. Continuous casting makes it possible to substantially save energy, and easy to operate and to change the cast strip with according to requirements. It permits the use of high proportion of scrap in furnace charge.

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Proces flow of aluminum casting line:

Aluminum ingot--melting furnace--static furnace--degassing--filtering--caster tip--caster--intermediate unit--tension reel


Technical parameter:


Material Output thickness Output width Rolling speed
pure aluminum,soft aluminum alloy 6.0-10.0mm 850-2350mm 0.8-2.0m/min


Rolling pressure control

Constant Tension Control

Speed control

Torque adjustment

Roll gap control

Fault protection

Roll lubrication

Casting nozzle adjustment

Circulating water cooling


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